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I Phone with Telus

As many of you might be aware Telus & Bell is building a new network that enables them to carry GSM capabilities , Therefore such a device as the Iphone should not be restricted with one carrier in CanadaFirst this not democratic, follow me on this: Mac or PC user when buying computer are not linked to one Internet provider ??? So why we should be tied with one Telecom company ??,Second, when a Telecom company is spending millions of dollars to build up a new network to follow the trends of technologies networking, then whatever is the merge or not, or new carrier coming up , this whole things that it is shaping up, should profit to consumer than after to corporation..... Without People buying device and using them , what the purpose of manufacturing. With that in mind corporation do build goods and services hoping that people will use it. I dont have to let you know that Canadians are among the world paying the highest rates for cellular use. Should we regain the ability to be priced decently....... So in a word , lets say to Apple Corp and Mr Steve Jobs, our great interest to have this device being distribute evenly throught out carriers in Canada in a legitimetely competetiveness.

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